Creating Finer Designs
Since 1995

“My Guru is the greatest Architect of all time; Mother Nature” – Ar.Ishwar Gehi Director, Ishwar Gehi Architects

Best described as the passionate architect: each of the projects that the prolific architect has designed over the past two and a half decade speaks for itself. For Ishwar Gehi, designing spaces with a purpose – for the betterment of the world and its people is the design principle. The goal is to upgrade the lives of the humans of all generations. Ameliorating the design quality with every upcoming design and striving for excellence is something the Ishwar Gehi Architects team abides by to. Continuing the architectural legacy, Ar.Yash Gehi : an inventive architect from London who is an elder son of Ar. Gehi is currently leading the firm along with his younger brother Ar.Meet Gehi who strives to become a revolutionary architect. The architectural “ Trio” together are working on several unique design projects across nation. Working for a better future but keeping the roots alive is what makes this architectural team unique in every aspect.