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Design is a process and to design responsibly is an architect’s duty. Adapting and upgrading to fulfill the rapidly changing needs of the community and the environment is the soul purpose of any design.

picture ishwar gehi
Ar. Ishwar Gehi
Director, Ishwar Gehi Architects

Ar. Ishwar Gehi firmly believes that scale and proportion are basic to the art of designing and that any design should be in harmony with its context. With his desire to revert the best to the society as an architect, his works always illustrates dedication and his eye for the intricate details. A functional building design in accordance with nature has always been on his design agenda. Besides being a nature lover, the Indian architect has huge respect and love for the Indian culture. He considers himself a great admirer of the Indian royal architecture. His several works displays his admiration of the royal Indian palaces of India, taking us back to our roots and culture. Winner of the JK-Architect of the year award: Ar.Ishwar Gehi was born in Mendarda, a village of Gujarat. Ar.Ishwar Gehi has graduated from the M.S. University, Vadodara. Before starting his own venture in Rajkot in 1995, the architect worked in the office of Ar.Kishor Trivedi, Rajkot, Gujarat for five years.

picture yash gehi
Ar. Yash Gehi

Ar. Yash has always been a creative kind, since architecture and design runs in the family and therefore in the blood. Yash Gehi is a RIBA part –II architect, holds a masters in architecture from London, and is currently practicing in London as well as India. Yash has experience in a wide spectrum of architectural exercises from conceptual designing to final stage detailing, from residential to even high-rise. Yash is striving to master innovative and divergent approach to fulfill contemporary needs of the users, communities and the environment.

picture Meet gehi
Ar. Meet Gehi

Ar. Meet Gehi has a bachelors in Architecture from London South Bank University, and is currently studying Masters In Architecture from London, at the same time doing architectural works in India. Much more than designing buildings or whole communities, architects have a greater task. They're uniquely positioned to improve life. An architect can control human behavior with his design by understanding the way that a building’s design can influence a person’s behavior. Therefore Meet Gehi as an architect is striving to bring a difference to the world by bringing much more profoundness in the physical environment we live in.